Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Pro-Tips

What up, what up. Big D here today with some CoD Uber Pro tips to help you all not be such pathetic noobs. Modern Warfare 3 is a flukey game at best, and downright retarded bullshit at worst, but here are some tips to help you out.

1. Disable theatre mode recording in your online options menu. I just learned this but apparently it causes some lag by having it turned on. So unless you like wanking to your own epic kill streaks, turn that shit off.

2. Turn off vibration on your controller. This can be done with the ingame options menu. It will help you aim a lot easier while there are all kinds of explosions and shit going on around you. After a while I find it just gets annoying anyway.

3. Turn up your sensitivity. Jaison doesn't do this but he is a crazy person so ignore him. I usually play with one above the default level, which feels perfect to me.

4. Start with support killstreaks. These carry over between deaths, so even if you die a lot you can still call some in. The spawning in this game is pretty bullshit, so you can't always depend on getting regular killstreaks even if you're a decent player.

5. You can drop-shot, but I'm not telling you how because it is for fucking pussies and if you do it to me you will be getting some hate mail. Moving on...

6. Use SMG or assault rifles to start. Most of these guns are pretty decent this time around, so you will have an easier time starting with them. The Type 95 is the best rifle and the PP90m1 is the best SMG, so when you unlock them you are set.

7. When in doubt, camp. With such bullshit spawns in this game you're going to die a lot trying to move around. Try to find a spot near a busy path and just camp the shit out of it. You will still die but you'll likely rack up some more kills this way.

8. The Trophy system is awesome. This doesn't unlock for a while but it is a camper's best friend. When deployed, it destroys two projectiles; including grenades, flashbangs, rockets and predator missiles. Set up a claymore guarding the door and this thing by the window, and you can go to work.

9. Don't use grenade launchers. Unlike MW 2 where noob tube with Danger Close was fucking godly, they actually really suck this time around and require almost a direct hit to kill. Shotguns also suck pretty bad until you unlock some attachments. Then they become mostly mediocre.

10. Avoid your team mates. Especially if you are using Blind Eye and/or Assassin, because they probably aren't. They will give away your position by acting like retards and lead to many deaths that could otherwise have been avoided. Unless they are Jaison, then they will probably just shoot at you.

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  1. Or you can do what I did take your anger out on getting squads to work in BF3.