Monday, March 14, 2011

Game Fudge Draws Pokemon

In honor of the new Pokemon Black and White today I drew some of the new pokemons. I don't own the game so I looked them up online. These are some of the laziest ones yet!

Where's Mario when you need him?

Ever see an ice cream that could take a bite out of YOU?

Special attack: Shit cannon!

It's like he even knows how much he sucks.

This one looks like a butt with a vagina.

Good to see Whoopi Goldberg is still getting work.

It's like magikarp's younger retarded brother.

Fuck it guys, let's just make this one a dog.


  1. Bahaha! Love your drawings. I agree that they got lazy with some of there Pokemon sprites. You missed out Garbodor! - that Pokemon looks like he's holding cigarette butts! Hehe.

  2. Thanks, oh man I forgot about that one he looks like a giant garbage pile!