Saturday, March 5, 2011

DLC And It's Implementation

I was reading the latest Video Game Article over at and I thought it made some really good points. I often find the implementation of DLC in today's story-based games to be a little awkward at best, and down-right annoying at worst.

I look at a good game the same way as a book or movie. I experience it with all it's strengths and faults as a complete unit. Once I am done I am usually content to let it rest. I'm not a fan of beating a dead horse, and trying to shoehorn more content into a narrative after the fact can hurt the experience. You don't generally see authors selling an extra chapter that was cut from their book, or movies selling their deleted scenes one by one. In cases where stuff like this does happen in other media, it's usually shitty anyway.

DLC for other types of games doesn't bother me that much, though it can be frustrating knowing that you aren't getting the full product from the start. Day 1 and on-disc DLC are 2 things that can die in a fucking fire. I know developers and publishers have the right to make a couple bucks. But the fact that I am already paying them 60, and still not getting the complete package, is pretty insulting.

And don't get me started on games like Burnout Paradise and Bad Company 2 where I have to download a couple of gigs worth of DLC I can't even use just to play online. I only have 20 gigabytes to work with you assholes!

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