Saturday, January 1, 2011

Console Gamers are Morons

Ok ok, maybe that's not fair. I am sure you could make a strong case that gamers in general are morons. But it's nice to have some hard data to back up the assertion that the people we're all forced to co-operate with on a nightly basis over xbox live are in fact idiots.

Case in point, the new DLC for Bad Company 2. DICE has promised to release a new map for each platform when the players on said platform perform a combined total of 69 million team actions.


In the short time it's been out, PC players have already reached this goal. Xbox is about half that, and PS3 even less.

Notice how it's not knife kills or headshots, but TEAM ACTIONS. Simple things like spotting enemies, resupplying team mates, or reviving your guys. You know, stuff that actually helps your team win the fucking game. Stuff these dingbats don't have a sweet clue how to do. They will, however, kill you for a care package.

(This is me in Black ops)

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