Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hello to all our reader! I just wanted to apologize for the lack of activity around here recently. Last weekend I was in Montreal for a trade show and managed to contract some kind of unholy super-virus, the likes of which you will only find on a Westjet airplane. I've had a bad case of strep throat all week and am basically hating life right now. I'm glad to see Jaison took this opportunity to step up to the plate and deliver JACK SQUAT!

Anyway my conscious hours have been mostly spent playing the vidya, so in no particular order, here are the games I've been playing.

Space Marine - Haven't gotten too far in this one yet. It's really fun though so far. I love how deadly serious, yet incredibly goofy the Warhammer universe is. Something only true nerds could dream up. Combat is incredibly satisfying and makes you want to RIP AND TEAR!!! A fun drinking game would be to take a drink every time someone in the game says "Space marine". You'll be smashed by the end of the intro.

Red Orchestra 2 - This is a game you will HATE the first time you play it. And probably the second time. And maybe even the third time. But the fourth time, oh man when this game finally clicks it is really satisfying. Then you'll get really annoyed again when you get sniped out of nowhere across the map because your fucking idiot team mates don't know how to throw a god damn smoke grenade. As much as I loathe/enjoy this game, I still think it's really buggy and clunky in a way that only indie PC games can be and I don't think it was really worth the $40 I spent on it.

Hard Reset - Loving this one too. It's a great game for 30 bucks and I think a lot of reviewers are being too hard on it for not sucking Call of Duty's dick. The singleplayer is on the short side, but exploring the levels, trying to beat your score and find all the secrets is part of the fun. Combat feels spot on, except for the slow weapon switching which is stupid. But who needs to switch weapons when you've got electric mortars? The combat is challenging which I enjoy, but the game holds your hand way too much when it comes to navigating through the levels.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Demo - Holy turd nuggets this game is going to be good. This is what the last AC game on xbox 360 should have been. Much less anime and much more Top Gun. It looks fantastic and controls enough like a regular AC game that it's very easy to get the hang of. There is also a chopper flying mission where you have to support troops on the ground. It's very fun, but in typical Ace Combat fashion, it drags on a bit too long and will have you wondering what fucking clown car all these enemies are popping out of.

Well, that's it for now. Let's all take a moment and fly in to the Danger Zone.

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