Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hard Reset - It's Good to be Back

It came as a great surprise to me today when I noticed the demo for Hard Reset was up on steam. The game is due out next week (PC only, sorry guys) and retails for 30 bucks. If the full game can maintain the standard set by the demo, just let me say that is a fucking steal.

There is absolutely no doubt about it. This is a pure old school PC first-person shooter. It's fast, it's crazy and it's pure balls-pressed-firmly-against-the-wall fun. Want to take cover? Too bad you fucking nancy, there is no cover! Want to mash button prompts in a quicktime event? Get out of here you shit! Want to run and jump around like a maniac while crazy robots try to eat your balls for breakfast? Well Mister have I got a game for you!

This is a return to the times when guns were big, movement was fast and carnage was everywhere. Ok so it checks all the right boxes, but does it bring anything new to the table? You better believe it, nephew. One thing you will notice right away about Hard Reset is that enemies are fucking TOUGH. Your guns will plink away at them but you'll quickly get overwhelmed. Unless you use your environment to your advantage. When shot, electrical devices will shoot out lightning that fries the evil robots. Explodey barrels will....well you figure it out.

So you're running around, shooting and dodging but also scanning your environment for anything that can be used against your enemies. It adds another layer of strategy and really makes the game come alive. So a fast, fun and inspired game for 30 bucks. Where is the caveat? It probably looks like ass, right? Wrong again you dweeb! Hard Reset looks awesome. It's got a vibrant colour palette, with enough visual fidelity that it's still easy to tell where things are, even when the action gets intense.

Overall I guess you could say I really enjoyed this demo, and I eagerly await the full version's release. If you own a decent PC that plays games, you should check this one out!

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