Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bioware Owns Nerds with Charity

In case you haven't had enough of people not shutting up about Mass Effect 3's ending, this news story is pretty hilarious. If you're averse to reading anything on MSNBC (And why wouldn't you be?), the gist of it is that a bunch of whiny babies paid $1000 to have some cupcakes sent to Bioware in some kind of passive-aggressive protest against Mass Effect 3's ending. Bioware promptly gave them all to a local youth shelter, as an equally symbolic "Fuck you!" gesture. The ethics of using charity as a way of getting back at people are open for debate, but the whole story struck me as pretty hilarious. Go Bioware!

I think I speak for all of us when I say shut the hell up you dweebs. It's a video game, jesus christ. I can count the number of games I've played which had decent endings on one hand, and that's being really generous. When I was a kid, you were lucky if you got two lines of broken engrish. "Conglaturation... You Have Beaten a Grate Game! Now Go Our Heroe!"

Bitching on the internet is grand tradition, but these stories of people going after developers personally really makes me wonder what is these people's major malfunction. I will never understand the sense of entitlement these 'fans' have, which I guess makes me glad we don't have any. Besides, I was hating Mass Effect before it was cool.

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