Sunday, January 8, 2012

Et Tu, Blogger?

Despite the best efforts on my part, blogger has decided we are no longer friends. No matter what I do I cannot log into my account from my PC. Seems like I've tried everything with no luck. My iPod, however can access it just fine. Which is where I am posting this from. Until I can work out a solution that doesn't involve chucking this huge piece of shit in the trash, or Jaison starts picking up the slack (haha yeah right!) you probably won't see much activity around here.

If anyone has dealt with this before please feel free to shoot me an email. Our address is on the sidebar. Thanks and Godspeed. My thumbs hurt.


  1. That's odd. Been awhile since you posted to this, so my guess is you haven't had much success - which I'm sorry to hear as I just stumbled onto your site and like what I'm seeing. Good luck getting it worked out!

  2. that sucks the big mean monkey balls man